Shure Loc™ XPS

Increase operating room performance and productivity with the new Schure Loc™ XPS. With no foot pedals, hoses, hydraulics or power cords around the operating room table, Shure Loc™ XPS combines strength and flexibility when intra-operatively adjusting the operative limb. Because the Shure Loc™ XPS maintains steady positioning from start-to-finish, the whole surgical team can focus on the open or arthroscopic limb procedure – no need to have the surgical aid hold the patient’s limb during the procedure! Great for beach chair or lateral position and coming soon – Shure Loc™ XPS for elbow, wrist, knee or ankle surgery.

  • Single release lever releases all joints – locking in place when released
  • Easily attached to any OR table – ready for immediate use
  • Smooth, effortless positioning enhances operative site exposure
  • Decrease surgeon fatigue and improve OR team productivity
  • Convenient Schure Loc Shoulder Kit includes a sterile drape, foam hand/forearm holder and self-adherent wrap
  • 500 lb patient weight capacity
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