Electric Bed

250kg / 551 lbs








Electric Bed CR400 ICU

Our standard hospital bed provides an excellent level of comfort for the patient and the hospital staff. This electric bed is completely adjustable and has 4 sections in the standard and electrical model, for all types of movements. Different options can be added to both models, including scale, X-Ray cassette, elevation posts, Balkan frame, battery, etc...






  • Battery back-up for power failure conditions.
  • OneStep release and auto-lock side rail.
  • Designed for standard hospital ward, recovery ward or ICU ward.
  • Full compliance with IEC 60601-2-52 norm.
  • Safe working load: 250KG.
  • 4 dual-locking casters with central locking pedal (optional).
  • Optimum protection against falls.
  • Simple control and manipulation.
  • Various platform sizes: 80/86/91cm (31.5/33.9/35.8 in)
  • Quick assemble/disassemble of bed end
  • Phenolic back section with X-ray cassette
  • Optional: can be prepared for the use of orthopedic accessory

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