Medical Boom

Standard | Motorized | Tandem




Guiding Lights

All OKI ISOLA arms are equipped with the newest LED backlighted heads. These will help the medical staff to visualize and coordinate intuitively which arm they are operating

Tailor made Solutions

Like the rest of OKI range, ISOLA can be configured in compliance with any tender specification. Not only the customer can select from a range of available standard lengths for the arms and dimensions for the service head but also these components can be made to measure if needed.

Easy to Install, easier to maintain

We create equipment based on two simple key principles: ease of installation and long lasting top quality components ensuring minimum maintenance and maximum reliability.

Powder Coating, powered hygiene

Protecting epoxy powder coating guarantees an adequate hygienic surface for all our pendant units. This coul be boosted further with our dedicated antibacterial paint to ensure 100% shield against infectious agents.


Safe and firm Locking

Our enchanced brake system ensures smooth controlled movements and maximum reliability in the course of time. The control keyboard is placed on the main grip of the shelf to drive all movements intuitively.

There are 3 differents solutions of brake system:

    • Friction brake
    • Electropneumatic brake
    • Electromagnetic brake

Solid Hygiene

Ok ISOLA feature our innovative Bioclean shelves and drawers to guarantee a completely antimicrobial surface. The composite material is extremely long lasting and guarantee in time the adequate hygiene during all procedures.

Functional design and ergonomics

Ok ISOLA is designed to be handled intuitively with maximum ease. Profiles shapes and the various components proportions are well-thought out so as to optimize handling.


It has been designed to offer the medical staff maximum flexibility and reliabilit



Full motorized mechanism for lifting the service head



Allows single or double arms for each column to make it ergonomically adequate for all types of action needed.


OKI ISOLA supply system is a suspended unit thought specifically for special intensive care units and operating theaters. It can be configured either for the surgeon or the anesthesiologist and the service head can be equipped with all the needed electrical and medical components in compliance with any specification given. It has been designed to offer the medical staff maximum flexibility and reliability.

OKI ISOLA is also available with a full motorized mechanism.

The hydraulic breaking system guarantees maximum stability, accuracy and ease of any movement.