Examination Light




Scialytic Effect
The high optical efficiency of the KLYO S200 is based on an innovative lens system with 18 LED sources that ensures a beam of light with wide scialytic effect.

Detachable Main Handle
Rotate Main handle to select the focal size. Easy and Stable Handle with autoclavable material

Intensity Control
5 steps (5,000LUX - 100,000LUX) 


    • 60,000 Lux Intensity
    • Variable color temperature
    • 90Ra of highest level of CRI
    • R9 80 of Red color rendering ability
    • Patent rectangle focal pattern
    • Selectable focal size (Dia.18cm / Dia.30cm) by rotating main handle
    • Excellent scialytic effect
    • 55% of uniformity (D50/d10)
    • Intuitive and easy way of control
    • No UV emission & cool light
    • Detachable & autoclavable main handle
    • Ergonomic & friendly design
    • Various installation option (Chair, Ceiling, Mobile, Wall, Dual Ceiling Mount)