LED Surgical Light
KLYO M200/M210

120,000 lx




Focus Size
6 steps adjustment (max: 30cm / min: 20cm)

Illumination Intensity
120,000 lx (Max.)

Color Temperature
Fixed or Variable Color Temperature

Center Grip
Suitable for endo-surgery by one click. EC*5%



Synchronized Intuitive Control Panel

touch sensor control


Battery Type
DC 14,8 V, 26 Ah, 3.8 kg 3 hours when
fully charged (100%)




360° Rotating Arm

Center Grip
Quick controller & Autoclavable handle

Hybrid LED System
Lower heat emissions & less consumption of energy


        • Max 120,000 1x intensity
        • Fixed or variable color temperature
        • Excellent depth of volume of light (L1+L2 150 cm)
        • Ra 95 of highest level of CRI
        • Ra 90 of red color rendering ability
        • Selectable focal size (Dia.20 cm ~ Dia.30 cm)
        • Excellent dilution effect with 54 LED units (48 %~100%)
        • Channel illumination technology
        • Intuitive control with one touch panel
        • No UV emission & lowest level of heat emission
        • Detachable & autoclavable hand grip
        • Ergonomic & friendly design

Mobile Type

Full HD Camera

Back-up Battery

Wall Control