Surgical Pendants





The MediLift product range is a modular system used for equipping operating rooms, intensive care units and diagnosis rooms.
The suitable system can be configured with these modules, dependent on the relevant area:

  • MediLift 180 spring arm
  • MediLift 150 motorized arm
  • MediLift 250 motorized arm

The MediLift range includes height-adjustable support arms of the product series.

They help to move medical devices and monitors to any required position in an ergonomic manner in combination with the M6 supply unit or a CEMOR monitor carrier for one to eight monitors.



Modern ORs have to satisfy high requirements. MediBoom are the right answer here: ample space in the extension arms and bearings for the accommodation of required current and future supply lines.


It is vital in the field of medical applications, and particularly in the OR, to maintain high hygiene standards. The MediBoom systems have been designed with user requirements in mind: bolt fittings are located in the interior and smooth surfaces facilitate cleaning the systems. Benefits: Highest hygiene standards in application areas for both, users and patients


Dimmable LED lights serve as an indirect light source in the OR and as an orientation aid for medical staff in the ICU: the SurroundLED C feature in the extension arm and the SurroundLED F in the bottom of the supply unit provide for comfortable lighting.


MediBoom are likely to have the most innovative bearing unit for ceiling-mounted supply units in the market. Loads up to 1,000 kg can be moved with ease. Integrated bearings with optimized running characteristics enable the smooth repositioning of the system when the brake is released.


The MediSound system is the first audio system approved for medical applications in the OR and ICU. An iPod or an MP3 player can be easily hooked up to the docking station and controlled with the infrared remote control. Four speakers in the supply unit or, as an option, an external spherical speaker produce an amazing sound. In this way the MediSound-System can help distract the patient from disturbing OR noises. Furthermore, it supports the medical staff in the OR with music during their work.


The E-Brake, the electromagnetic passive brake system of the MediBoom keeps the system safely in position, even during a power outage. The E-Brake is also designed to ensure that manual repositioning is still possible.


The LED color lighting system of the BrakeGuide virtually eliminates the risk of faulty operation. The BrakeGuide provides optical feedback and signals where the brake was released. With this feature, the BrakeGuide offers a significant advantage over other systems and improves the safety and user friendliness especially in a dark OR environment.


The combination of various height-adjustable and horizontally movable support arms provides for ranges up to 2,600 mm. In this way, the support arms are used to move medical devices and monitors with ease exactly to the location where they are needed while providing unrestricted access to the patient. Plus, they offer a load capacity of up to 1,000 kg.


The Soft Start feature will have the system start up gently for the height adjustment of the motorized arms. This will prevent the fastened devices from wobbling and in- crease ease of use.


    • Ample space for cable routing
    • Streamlined design
    • Easy and quick installation
    • Maintenance-free bearings that move with ease
    • No obstacles within the bearing units
    • Electro-magnetic brake, the"e-brake" (optional)
    • Brake Guide (optional)
    • SurroundLED (optional)
    • Medi Sound system (optional)