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Surgical Pendant


Standard | Motorized | Tandem


All-Round Intervention

Thanks to its 3 or 4 sides our media supply unit OKI CIELO TEATRO allows a 360° area for free intervention. All supply levels can be placed both inside and/or outside.

Ergonomics: A matter of angle

90° rotating corners allow to move from one side to the other key components like the anesthesia machina and the ventilation equipment: this will always ensure the right position of the right equipment in the right moment.

Easy to Install, easier to maintain

We create equipment based on two simple key principles: ease of installation and long lasting top quality components
ensuring minimum maintenance and maximum reliability.

Powder Coating, powered hygiene

Protecting epoxy powder coating guarantees an adequate hygienic surface for all our pendant units. This coul be boosted further with our dedicated antibacterial paint to ensure 100% shield against infectious agents.

Hygiene from top…

The combination of the media supply unit with the laminar air flow ceiling will guarantee perfect bacteria-free area with no risk of contamination around the operation area

… To bottom

As all equipment is placed on the sliding components of the bridge there is no potential risk to spoil the workflow during operations. All components can be easily moved along and away on each side keepong the floor space clear at all time.





In only one solution OKI CIELO TEATRO houses all needed services (lights, sockets and switches, nurse call system, gas outlets) which can be arranged in each side both internally and externally.

The structural profiles and pillars, as per our overall standard, are completely extruded: The generous thickness guarantees an adequate payload allowing the possibility to mount all the necessary equipment without risking to overload the whole structure. The whole system can be equipped with a broad range of accessories that can slide along all 4 sides thanks to our newly engineered rotating corners.

The possibility to combine the whole unit to a ceiling laminar flow system allows a dramatic reduction of the air turbulence that offers a completely germ-free environment.

The corners can be offered evenly:
• Standard non-rotating having accessories sliding only along one side.
• 90° rotating to maximize the usage of accessories that can be moved from one side to the other.


ISO 9001 : 2015
ISO 13485 : 2016





WS 001-00, 2019

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