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Easy to Install, easier to maintain

We create equipment based on two simple key principles: ease of installation and long lasting top quality components
ensuring minimum maintenance and maximum reliability.

Green Lightning

Decrease your electricity consumption thanks to our innovative LED stripes which are availabe for all direct, indirect and even night lightning. Up to 40% energy saving. 50.000 Hours average lifetime

Powder Coating, powered hygiene

Protecting epoxy powder coating guarantees an adequate hygienic surface for all our pendant units. This coul be boosted further with our dedicated antibacterial paint to ensure 100% shield against infectious agents.

Not Just Numbers

Behind the solid design we wanted to make sure to offer a tangible added value. All OKI PLUS profiles are extruden from strong performing 6063 alimunium alloy to guarantee the highest standars in mechanical resistance.

Modular versatility

OKI PLUS is arranged to suit perfectly any medical requirement. The modularity of the unit allows any specification to be met with one single product which can be adapted to any level of care needed in the hospital.



This is the starting version of the PLUS range. Ideal for all standard wards, it offers a simple design featuring a single profile to house both electrical and gas components whilst maintaining segregation between the two. The PLUS range can be offered with or without integral lightning and with additional DIN rail for mounting accessories as an option


This version features two separate profiles housing all services. Electrical and medical gas components run in completely separate compartments and are independently fed to ensure segregation is maintained. Similar ro the ES model, it can be fitted with both.


This is the highest configuration available. Ideal for all critical areas this configuration includes three profiles to guarantee that even with a large number of services segregation can always de maintained. Although generally supplied without lights both direct and indirect lightning can be included as an option together with the DIN rails if needed.


OKI VERTICAL is ideal for both standard special care and critical areas. Designed to supply either one or two beds, it offers a practical option for the medical staff who can easily access the main electrical sources and medical gases. It can be fully configured with an extensive number of electrical components and gas outlets according to any specification each individual profile guarantees complete segregation of the services.


The VERTICAL HTM700 solution is ideal for the most intensive areas in the hospital. The generous size allows to house a great number of services which can be easily distributed on the frontal panel.The configuration and allocation of all components can change according to the specifications given.


Both OKI PLUS MD and LG versions can be supplied in the ceiling mounted solution. This is highly recommended whenever medical pipelines and electrical conducts are ceiling fitted. The lateral pillars will allow all the needed services to reach the trunking with the same efficiency and simplicity with all wall-mounted units. Pillars are bolted to the concrete slab through our adjustable bracket system and are supplied with ABS cover flanges that blend the supports with the rest of the environment.


ISO 9001 : 2015
ISO 13485 : 2016





WS 001-00, 2019

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